At Eldwell, we believe in pricing transparency. For less than $10 per month, you can buy peace of mind and security for your family. Our goal is to provide affordable solutions that ensure your legacy is protected and your loved ones are taken care of.

What do you get?
  • Unlimited File Uploads
  • Structured Estate Plan
  • Unlimited Contacts & Sharing
  • End-to-End Data Encryption
  • Responsive Web App
  • Password & Account Storage
  • Healthcare Data Management
  • Legal & Financial Data Storage
  • End-of-Life Planning
  • Regular Update Reminders
$8.25 / month
Billed $99 Annually

Why Pay for Digital Estate Planning?

If you're wondering why you should pay for a digital estate planning tool, here's why:

Manage Your Digital Estate

Guardian is the ultimate tool for securely storing, organizing, and sharing your vital personal information and documents. Sign up today to ensure your legacy is protected and your family's future is secure.