Screenshot of the sharing functionality in Guardian

Effortlessly Share and Collaborate on Your Digital Estate

Guardian makes it easy to share important information with trusted individuals, ensuring everyone has access to what they need when they need it. Our robust sharing and collaboration tools provide a secure and efficient way to manage your digital estate together.

Empower Your Loved Ones and Trusted Advisors with Secure Access

Guardian’s sharing and collaboration capabilities allow you to grant access to specific documents or entire categories of information. This ensures your trusted contacts can easily find and manage the information they need, whether it’s immediate sharing or posthumous access.

Screenshot of sharing data in Guardian
Controlled Timing
Decide when to share information — either immediately or posthumously
Fine-Grained Permissions
Customize who can access specific pieces of information; share everything with your spouse, but maybe only legal documents with your lawyer
Real-Time Collaboration
Work together with family members or advisors to keep your digital estate up to date
Secure Sharing
Share sensitive documents securely with end-to-end encryption
Comprehensive Management
Coordinate with loved ones on digital accounts, legal documents, financial data, and more

Manage Your Digital Estate

Guardian is the ultimate tool for securely storing, organizing, and sharing your vital personal information and documents. Sign up today to ensure your legacy is protected and your family's future is secure.